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We have been there for 111 years – wherever passion is felt, tasted, lived and valued. Wherever enjoyment is the goal. Wherever people yearn for comfort, security, and reliability.

For 111 years we have been enhancing people’s enjoyment of coffee. We started with the world’s first coffee filter in 1908. Today, our family business is a multinational group with a wide variety of products, competencies, markets and people.

For 111 years we have been building bridges between progress and tradition. With solid foundations that bear us, and a vision that drives us forward. We are proud of our achievements and curious about the future. Celebrate with us – and discover Melitta!

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Where diversity lives. Where everything is possible - exciting stories about the company: enjoyment, tradition, sustainability and much more... 111 years Melitta.

Pup-up Shop London Tape 111 Label

Pop-up Shop in the London Tube

To mark its 111th anniversary, Melitta is setting up a pop-up shop in London's Old Street subway station.

From 25 to 31 March 2019, various Melitta® products will be presented there, in particular the Pour Over range. Top Barista Celeste Wong will also be talking about the pour-over trend; an event for specialist buyers is also planned. Passers-by who want to try a freshly brewed Melitta® coffee can purchase it for 1.11 pounds. Melitta will donate part of the proceeds to the St Luke's Community Centre.

Proud of our achievements

Proud of our achievements

A lot has happened over the past 111 years – but one thing has remained: our commitment to creating special moments in our everyday lives. Our products still focus on enjoyment, comfort, trust and security – whether at home, on the road or in the café.

Here are some of the milestones in our eventful company history.

Our History
WKUP ffeel ffeel Logo

ffeel® and wkup®

Over the past 111 years, our innovations have created numerous new markets and set standards. Our latest coups: ffeel® and wkup®.

ffeel® is the first natural refreshment that combines the invigorating effect of cold brew coffee with the fresh taste of superfruits. wkup®, on the other hand, is a coffee shot – a concentrated hit of caffeine to wake and invigorate tired bodies. Both products are aimed in particular at a younger audience and expand our range of trendy and pioneering products. ffeel® and wkup® received the German Innovation Award in 2018 for their outstanding innovative character.